How to get of joint pain?

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Asked Oct 11, 2013
one word. WHY?
I assume you mean: how to get *rid* of joint pain. Talk to your doctor to get specific recommendations for you based on your condition and medical history. You can also do a search for "get rid of joint pain" and you'll get tons of options. Also, a few people I know have greatly reduced joint pain by going gluten free; you can look into that as well.
Answered Oct 11, 2013
Glucosamine. This supplement may very well exert both analgesic and disease-modifying actions. Beware, though, because any positive effect is usually not super dramatic.A recent six-month study by Kwoh and colleagues didn’t find any significant differences between a group taking glucosamine hydrochloride compared to a placebo group drinking diet lemonade daily. However, some researchers have pointed out that some benefit is seen when people take a glucosamine sulfate formulation is taken, especially for longer than six months.
Answered May 07, 2015
Proper exercise and physiotherapy helps you to get better relief from your joint pain.

Answered Dec 07, 2016
Joint Pain is really horrible for everyone, especially old age people suffer very much due to Knee and Joint Pain. So everybody should use the best supplement for protecting Joint Pain to keep Joint health. I prefer to Salmon Collagen because

‘Marine collagen’ is much more easily absorbed by the human body as compared to traditional ‘animal collagen’.
Salcoll Collagen contains 98.2% bioactive marine collagen, in comparison with meager 7% of other brands.
We extract marine collagen from Wild Caught Salmon (Kosher Certified).
It’s natural and Daily intake of Salcoll Collagen powder (as directed) has numerous benefits, especially if you already suffer from joint pain, follow a rheumatoid arthritis treatment or lead an active life.
Answered Apr 13, 2017
Edited Apr 13, 2017
Achilles Tendonitis treatment involves the use of good Ayurvedic remedies which is beneficial for anyone having this disorder.
Answered Jun 05, 2018
It can be very difficult to live with joint pain. I just recommended you only natural remedies to get of joint pain. You can do massage with peppermint oil, use olive for cooking, do Arthritis exercise also.
Answered Jun 08, 2018
Lifting your knee toward your body takes the work of many muscles, which are collectively known as your hip flexors.Here, try this hip flexor stretch. If you want to get more tips to follow this link:
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Answered Oct 29, 2018
This is the Most commonly experienced problem by the middle age to older age group people which is caused by the injury or any disease affecting the ligaments leading to pains and no free movement of the legs this pain can vary from person to person and in extreme conditions even invasive procedures may be required but now Homeocare International has got a solution for it by working internally and avoiding the necessity of any invasive procedures. The remedies are completely safe to use and provide rapid relief by treating joint pains. Consultation is free.

Causes of Joint pain:
Sprains and strains
Rheumatoid arthritis

More details visit here:

Contact No: 1800-102-2202
Answered Dec 08, 2018

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Answered Dec 21, 2018
To get rid of joint pain you can try some home remedies but if the pain is excess then you should visit an ortho centre for the treatment.
Answered Feb 09, 2019
Joint pain is the most common problem. Use home remedies to get of the joint point. Physical activity and do exercise, massage, heat and cold therapy. Consult with the doctor.
Answered Feb 11, 2019

Hello ,
I assume your Means so write Some Points bellow.

I hope this Articles Helpfully.

Many short knee problems don't wish any facilitate from doctors and others can typically facilitate with their own recovery.
Home remedies can also facilitate with many of the long problems with knee pain.

Fourteen home remedies
The treatment for knee pain will bank, to some extent, on the rationale for the matter. However, the following straightforward remedies can facilitate many styles of knee pain.

1. Physical activity

Exercise can delay the event of inflammatory disease (OA), one in all the foremost common causes of knee pain.
Being physically active boosts the health of animal tissue, whether or not or not somebody has OA or not.

Being physically active boosts the health of animal tissue, whether or not or not somebody has OA or not.
Exercise, in addition, strengthens the approach the body supports the joints. Strengthening the leg muscles is especially useful for the knees.
People with joint pain can have the advantage of activities like water aerobics, as this puts little or no strain on the knees.

2. Strengthening exercises

Individuals can work with a therapist to identify the best exercises and programs for his or her needs.
Strengthening the upper leg muscles—the quad muscles—through exercise can facilitate to protect the ginglymus. These muscles are at the perimeters and front of the thighs.
Here are some ways that within which to strengthen these muscles:
• Straighten and raise a leg whereas lying or sitting down.
• Place one add on a step, then the alternative, stepping down another time, and continuance the step-ups.
• Sit on a chair then stand and sit repeatedly for an instant. try this in AN extremely slow, controlled approach and avoid exploitation the hands to support you.
• Hold a chair and squat until the kneecaps cowl the toes.

3. Posture and support

Measures which can facilitate to scale back knee strain include:
• avoiding low chairs and couches that you simply "sink" into
• sitting on a pillow to spice up your seating level, if necessary
• checking that you simply have AN honest sitting posture, whereas not crouching or leaning
• sporting collateral shoes and avoiding those with broken arches, as they'll result in abnormal force and go down the knee
• avoiding prolonged sitting and long periods whereas not moving, as joints may become stiff and painful whereas not the movement

Thank you.
Answered Feb 13, 2019
Joint Pains is the most common problem is nowadays, Livehomeo is the way to reduce your pain with simple and home remedies.
For more details:
Answered Feb 16, 2019
Homeopathy remedies for joint pain show remarkable results it is a better way to practice care you've come to the right place. Know more :
Answered Apr 12, 2019

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