Mental health question(what mental disorder(s) is/are this/these

what mental disorder*s* does this sound like

when I arguing with
someone and they say I'm wrong and I dont know what I am talking about even though I do*i'm always right even when i'm wrong in a way I am right and they need to shut up!

my emotion change to damn fast one moment i'll be happy then something little will set me off into anger then I will get depressed

i demand respect I hate the fact that I am nice to people and polite but don't get deadly shit out of it!

i feel empath to people who need care

but I have moments of extreme anger and have violent thoughts about brutalizing someone and murdering them

i hate criticism

i feel like all my friends hate me and think i'm worthless

*i do make friends easily I am polite and kind to them and respect them*

i am easily offended

my ideal guy has too be kind funny sweet nice violent at times*not abusive i'd kill him for hitting me*

at moments I will want to kill myself then I will switch to wanting to kill others then switch to wanting to party with people

i act serious near my family cause I dont trust them nor do I share my feeling when I did my dad said I was lying to get his attention*i always lock myself in my room and talk very little to him cause he loves my older sister more than me I dont want his attention anymore*i weight 113 lbs and am 5'2

I think i'm ugly*even though people find me attractive(a lot of kids think i'm ugly as well but those r kids at my old school)

i will use an enemy*who likes me but I hate do to them starting shit at the end of last year* to get what I want and them cast them aside

i think some pervs over Facebook are stalking me

i dont like people touching me

i suffer from a short term memory

i am calm one moment then hyper as hell the next and I cannot focus at all
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Anonymous User
Asked Oct 10, 2013
Edited Oct 11, 2013
It sounds like bipolar to me. It is a common case especially for teens. Ask to see a doctor Hon, it will be ok :)
Answered Oct 10, 2013
hi when I was 15 I was raped and I have very hard anger and I need something to calm me down cuz I will kill my self
Answered Nov 20, 2015

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