What is that show where a girl passes into a perfect world in her bedroom mirror?

I can only remember a snippet of it. She puts her hand up to press against the reflection of the hand in her full length mirror in her bedroom. It's almost as if she's in a daze. She then passes into this alternate world where everything is perfect. I'm assuming that her real life is pretty bad, so she comes to this alternate world to escape. In that alternate perfect world, she's in a mirror image of her bedroom, looking so happy. Her boyfriend calls her from outside and she happily runs downstairs to meet him outside her home and he gives her a bouquet of flowers. She then meets her friends, but someone starts to call her from a distance and she looks scared.
Pan back to her real life bedroom and she's being pulled away from the mirror by a group of panicked adults. She's dazed and starts to bleed all over her arms as she's pulled further away. They put her carefully on the ground and try to wake her up. That's all I can remember...does anyone at all remember this show??? I'm going nuts trying to find out its title!!!
Asked Oct 09, 2013

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