I have a list of songs, but i'm too busy to search for and download them.

I have a list of songs but I don't have the time to search and find all the download links.Plz hlp me if u can
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I have a short list of songs I need to download and burn to a CD-R, but I can't find the time to search for each song and find a download link for each one. I am going to type the names of all the songs and, if there are/is a really nice person/people that could respond with each download link (direct download link would be just awesome!), I would be much grateful! So here's the list:

NOTE: (T/M/F/S=Two Most Famous Songs)

T/M/F/S by Eminem

T/M/F/S by Madonna

T/M/F/S by Sade Adu

Close My Eyes-Lita Ford

I Touch Myself-Divinyls

Sweet Nothings-Calvin Harris

T/M/F/S by Melissa Etheridge

No One-Alicia Keys

T/M/F/S by PitBull

T/M/F/S by Greenday

T/M/F/S by Phill Collins

Every Breath You Take-Police

T/M/F/S by Roxette

T/M/F/S by Cyndi Lauper

T/M/F/S by Mary J. Blige

T/M/F/S by Bon Jovi

T/M/F/S by Deff Leopard

T/M/F/S by Poison

T/M/F/S by Bruno Mars

Don't Cha by Pussy Cat Dolls

Single Ladies, Halo, If I were a Boy, Irreplaceable by Beyonce

T/M/F/S by Kelly Clarkson

T/M/F/S by Justin Timberlake

T/M/F/S by Justin Beiber

White Flag by Dido

T/M/F/S by Fergie

T/M/F/S by Micheal Jackson

T/M/F/S by Eddie Money

T/M/F/S by Eric Clapton

What About Love by Heart

T/M/F/S by 3 Doors Down

T/M/F/S by Marisela

Foolish Games, Who Will Save Your Soul by Jewel

T/M/F/S by ManĂ¡

Everything I Do by Bryan Adams

T/M/F/S by Lil Wayne

T/M/F/S by Ana Gabriel

T/M/F/S by Shakira

T/M/F/S by Nirvana

T/M/F/S by La Sonora Dinamita

I Just Want To Say That These Songs Are Not What I Am Into, And I Don't Listen To More Than Half Of Them. They Are For My Landlord, Who Likes This Kind Of Music. LOL Thank You Guys Sooooo Much!
Asked Oct 09, 2013

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