First time dating a Chinese girl, I NEED HELP!

Ok so I'm currently doing a post grad in architectural engineering in the UK, and I met a chinese girl in class, we sat down for a class project and at the end we had to do this assignment so I suggested to meet somewhere later, she gave me her number without asking and I gave her mine then she gave me her email and said 'this is my personal email'...Anyways I didnt put too much thought into it and the same night I texted her asking if she wants to meet up and relax after class. She responded and we kept on chatting and she seemed interested telling me I'm smart and adorable and all that, and I really like her too..but I didnt want to show anything incase she is just being friendly and I'm being a stupid dumb architect.

At the end of the day she told me next sunday I should come for lunch and I thought she was just being polite, but the next sunday she texted me and she was like we are going to have lunch now want to join? and I did..we ended up having this intense talk about future, different architecture interests, the history of china and I asked her to teach me a little Chinese and she said from now on Im your chinese teacher and she wouldnt let me leave without learning alot. After lunch we went for a walk (by the way she had 2 friends so it wasn't me and her alone) with her friends and I thought its time for me to go, but before I said anything she said lets have supper together..I Agreed cuz she is really sweet and I wanted to stay longer honestly..then I told her ill help since she told me at lunch to sit back and wait for the meal while bringing me tea and snacks..she was so sweet..So I actually cooked my first chinese meal when her friend walked me through and she really liked it..but then at the end she was like it was really fun see you tomorrow and thats it..I thought I blew it, but I went back and searched alot and I got REALLY STRESSED, because apparently its different when dating a chinese..

I know that is alot, but I need some advice..anything..since that night we spoke once on QQ chat and she sent me pic of that day together..but I didnt want to call or text so I dont scare her off or something..HELP!
Additional Details
Well she smiled and tilted her head in a cute way then I just didnt want to hug or touch so she doesnt feel offended, and I'm from Egypt, but I speak perfect english with an accent, since my first teaching language was English since I was 2 years old..But she seemed really fascinated when I told her that, and we kept exchanging cultural info on her tablet saying she wants to visit there, she also suggested going on a euro trip this christmas..but I dont I didnt text or call, but tomorrow we are meeting for class so ill just act normal..what do you suggest?
Asked Oct 07, 2013
Treat her like any other girl.
Answered May 05, 2014
ching chong potato!!!! -.-
Answered May 06, 2014

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