My dog is aggressive with other dogs?

I have a 9yr old cocker spaniel and he's probably the loveliest creature with humans. With dogs its a different story. He'll growl and bark and try to lung at them and frankly, it's humiliating. I do have a theory as to why he is like this though. I adopted him from a woman who recently died and was very sick so she never actually took him on walks and instead it was the attendant who RARELY (and almost never) walked him, therefore he lacks exposure to other animals. Is there a way to ever fix this or is he going to stay aggressive?
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Asked Oct 05, 2013
Edited Oct 05, 2013
This is caused because your animal is not socialized, when you get a puppy, after they have had all their shots you should take them to places with other dogs and people, this is very important to get your dog used to others, so unless your dog is a rescue, this is a very important stage in your dogs life
I have the same problem with mine dog I've had him months now and got him snipped and hasn't changed how aggressive he is at all if anything he got worse but mine is a different breed to yours try training classes for him it worked for a mates dog it will take a while but if it works it be worth it but again at the age of him I don't know if its to late to change his ways good luck x
Answered Oct 06, 2013
If you are struggling with this problem that your dog is aggressive with other dog that means your dog is not able to co-operate with other dogs. This problem generally occurs when pets are not properly trained. I would suggest you don't shout on your pet and give them love as much as possible. Hire a good dog trainer to train your dog. Take your dog outside to the other's pets it would be beneficial to communicate with other pets. Get more Details Here:-
Answered Apr 13, 2015

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