Does this girl show interest in me?

I am a lesbian first off. When school started this girl stared at me non stop but I never made full eye contact with her because I thought she was being a creep, but she's really beautiful and I wanted to let her know I was interested after getting used to the stares. She eventually stopped staring and when she would see me it was like she didn't like to see me cause she thought I wasnt interested. So after growing some balls I went up to her and asked her a question that had nothing to do with the staring or if she was a lesbian. Im just now coming out by the way. So I gave her my number for business reasons and the whole time she was so nervous to talk and the only thing she said was her name before she left. Its been a whole day and she hasnt txted me. I dont expect anyone to text me the first few days thats I rule I have as well but do you think she is interested in me because she was soooo nervous when talking to me and was shy. I'm guessing she isnt out of the closet yet so thats why she was nervous but he look on her face was as if she couldnt believe that I showed interest in her as well and I took too long to talk but before she left she got comfortable and told me her name and did this cute little gesture. Please help.
Asked Oct 05, 2013
Edited Oct 05, 2013
You can never be sure if someone is interested in you, unless you do one thing. Ask her! Lol. Look she may be nervous and new to it. But it's easy (kinda), just ask her if she wants to hang out sometime. If she says yes, when y'all are hanging out then start talking about it. You'll know soon enough. Hope that helps.
Answered Oct 06, 2013

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