What are the exclusions when applying for long term care insurance?

I need some info about exclusions on long term care insurance
Asked Oct 03, 2013
Long term care insurance might exclude pre-existing illness, mental health and nervous dis-orders. It is better to consult financial adviser of the insurance company to gain more insights regarding the same.

Answered Nov 28, 2013
Every long term care insurance has an exclusion section but there are some states that do not allow certain exclusions. See below the exclusions of most long term care policy today:

1. Treatment paid by the government
2. Nervous and Mental conditions or diseases except for organic brain disorders
3. Drug addiction and alcoholism
4. Self-inflicted injury or suicide attempt
5. Illnesses caused by an act of war

Aside from exclusions, it's also important to be familiar with the things to consider before buying coverage. According to www.ltcoptions.com, considering your age, location, long term care options and health can help you determine the estimate cost of your long term care insurance.
Answered Jan 01, 2014
The exclusion on long term Care Insurance depends upon many factors like:
1. The Organization Insuring you(The Insurance Company)
2. The Age of the person.
3. The place where you are taking the insurance.(i.e. Your place of residence)
4. The General type that are not covered are:
a. Mental illness.
b. Drug addiction.
c. War injuries.
For more information on specific companies and what policies are suitable for you visit www.gibl.in/UI/Pages/HealthQuote.aspx.
Answered Jan 10, 2014
Exclusions on long-term care insurance can vary depending on your LTC insurance provider. So it's always best to have a knowledgeable agent working with you and answer/explain what's covered and what's not covered by your policy. In any case, here's a list of the common exclusions in long-term care insurance:

- Suicide, attempted suicide, or self-inflicted injury.
- Injury or care that is already paid for by Medicare or by any government program, except Medicaid.
- Injury resulting from alcoholism, drug abuse, or narcotics addiction.
- Suicide, attempted suicide, or self-inflicted injury.
- Injury from declared or undeclared war.

Here are other sources you can check out:

Answered Jan 14, 2014

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