ARTHRITIS QUESTION: 20 years old with possible early signs of hereditary arthritis?

My mom says she has a rare type of arthritis, and it's hereditary. My mom has it mostly in her hips and hands. Some days, usually cold ones, she can't even hold a cup properly. My grandma also has arthritis in her elbow and wrist and probably other joints.
I like to run on the treadmill, but sometimes, like today, it hurts a lot to run because both my hips joints in the front hurt. But I push through it as long as I can anyway. Also, but very rarely, I get pain from my elbow, down my arm to my wrist.. I did injure my left wrist about 4 years ago and it's been hurting every once and a while since. But sometimes its my left wrist and my right arm as I described.
You would think I'm a bit young to start getting arthritis right? And my mom didn't start getting symptoms until she was in her early 30's.

Oh, also from age 16 to 19 I was on Depo-provera birth control; a shot I took once a month. Risks included loss of bone mineral density. I was supposed to take calcium and vitamin pills every day but I often forgot.
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Asked Oct 01, 2013
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More than 50 million Americans have arthritis or a related disease, and some experts estimate the global market for arthritis drugs brings as much as $35 billion a year in profits. The many different types of drugs used to treat arthritis and its accompanying pain, includes over-the-counter and prescription-only drugs, injections, infusions, patches and topical agents.

Drugs fight arthritis pain in one of two different ways, says Eric Hsu, MD, Clinical Professor of Pain Management at the University of California at Los Angeles. Drugs may fight the underlying inflammation and, in some cases, the lack of cushioning, lubricating fluid that is causing the joint pain. Other drugs reduce the pain itself, or the brain’s ability to sense pain. Many people with severe arthritis pain take more than one medication to manage their pain.
Answered Feb 25, 2015
I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis when I was 9. There is no such thing as too young for arthritis.
Answered Oct 01, 2017
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