Im 16 and dating a 21 year old, is there something wrong with this?

Im 16 and my boyfriend is 21, he has been in my family for 11 years. He's always been there for me, he used to be like a brother to me but then our families stopped talking. When I started to talk to him again we hung out every weekend because he lives next door to me. The one day we started snuggling, this went on for 5 months and now we're dating. Our relationship is not sexual at all, we haven't even kissed yet.
Is our age difference such a big deal
Asked Sep 30, 2013
hell no its good that hes older cus that means hes more mature
Answered Sep 30, 2013
THJECE Sep 30, 2013
It may seem odd now as you are 16, which some people think is the age of a child, but a 5 year gap isn't something to worry about at all. As long as he is responsible, mature and safe with you, I think it's great. Take this relationship slow and do what makes you feel comfortable, don't let him make you do things you don't want to do just because he's an 'adult'.
Answered Sep 30, 2013
Edited Sep 30, 2013
THJECE Sep 30, 2013
Yes its wrong! I don't get how people don't see anything wrong with this. 1 its illegal in most states because now a days all relationships require sex. 2 hes 21 and is either in collage or graduated from it dating a highschooler. Doesnt it make you wonder what is so wrong with this person that they can't get someone their own age? Or maybe older than 18 and not in highschool? Or what kind of person dates children when he should be on the track to starting a life and family for himself rather than being held back by a highschooler or holding himself back by playing little kid games and dating a highschooler? And to anyone who says youre mature for dating an older guy is too naive to understand that youre both immature on a mental level to understand that his maturity level is so low that he has to date highschoolers and yours is so low that you cant see wrong in this. A guy at that age should have everything set for the begining of his life and family not setting up dates with a girl whose 5 years younger, a minor, and still in highschool. Neither of you are mature if you date.
Answered Sep 30, 2013
I live in Australia. He has been in my family for 11 years.
Not all relationships require sex, we haven't even talked about it.
Neither of us are holding each other back, he has a job his own place with his mate, he has 3 dogs and take very good care of them and he's not just some guy that tunes all these girls and tries to get in everyones pants/ His sister, mother, my mother, my sister and Mallee are the only girls he talks to by choice.
THJECE Sep 30, 2013
first of all you are too young to get into any relationship. I;d suggest you to concentrate on your studies as of now and latter may be give a chance if you still feel the same for him.
Answered Oct 01, 2013
To young to get into a relationship?
THJECE Oct 02, 2013
yes you 16 you think whatever you do is right but then at 18 and moving on to 20 you'd realise you had messed up with its good to wait untill the right time comes..anywaz its your choice at the end..
rHere Oct 02, 2013
Yes because everyone messed up when there a teen, haha maybe you messed up but I sure havent messed up in anything.
THJECE Oct 04, 2013
im 17 and must say NO YOUR NOT TO YOUNG FOR RELATIONSHIP WE ARE YOUR 16 NOT 6! damn people annoy me if he doesnt talk about sex or kiss u just cuddles and says he loves you than no there is nothing wrong I wish the best of luck to you two
Answered Oct 02, 2013
AW, thankyou so much!
THJECE Oct 04, 2013

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