17 year old girl sleeping with 29 year old married woman?

Hey I am a 17 year old female and I have been sleeping with a 29 year old married woman. I feel bad because her husband doesnt know and is very nice and doesn't suspect anything. She tells me how much she loves me and she also told me if I leave her she would lose it and she also stated that she will NOT let me leave. Any advice .. Do you think she's using me or do you thinks she really loves me ? Help!!
Asked Sep 29, 2013
That sounds like a serious question, and those are crappy answers!. If you feel she is using you, sweetheart, you need to talk to her about it. Be honest with her. Tell her how you feel. That is VERY important. You are too young to have your life ruined by a jealous woman.

Tell her you can't be anyone's sex slave. You have to be free to leave if you want to. If she continues to put you under emotional pressure -- emotional blackmail -- then back off and don't see her for a week, or two weeks. Don't answer her calls for a few days. Give yourself some free space to think things through and decide how you feel about it.

Go with your gut instinct. Don't be pressurized. Don't listen to her if she threatens to harm herself. You are not responsible for someone else's foolish actions. She is responsible for herself. You are responsible for yourself.

In the meantime look for a lover who is not married. Good luck to you!
Answered Oct 02, 2013
seems like she loves you. . . But not sure. . . Explain your question so. . .answering us will be easy. . .
Answered Sep 29, 2013
Whatever your doing she must like it very much!
Answered Oct 02, 2013
She loves you but this can also be serious, when alone call police.
Answered Oct 03, 2013
it sounds like she is using you but I would need to know more about the situation. she the fact that she is married means that she is using you to get away from her husband, or to be dishonest to her husband. and it sounds very controlling and unhealthy that she will not let you leave. I would get out of that relationship
Answered Feb 02, 2014
wow. why do u care about if she is using u or she loves u. enjoy the sex.
Answered Feb 02, 2014
Hey buddy, are u mad? If any person sleep with u, why do u take it in another sense? bullshit it...
Just keep it up normally dude...
Answered Sep 30, 2013

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