My crush has a girlfriend but he flirts with me

So I started talking to this guy and now I have a crush on him, he showed interest in me before he got with this other girl. I was crushed, but I feel like he likes me, he always wants to hug me, he pokes me and is always poking me and stuff like that. Recently he held my hand, to warm up my hands because they were cold supposedly. He also gets jealous when I mention other guys. He also likes me where his braclet a lot. He hasn't mentioned his girlfriend to me so he doesn't know that I know, thus I can't bring her up without making myself look like a stalker. Please don't tell me I'm full of myself of anything, it's so obvious that he likes me, I really don't want to loose him as a friend. Should I confront him about it ? Or just continue to leave things as they are ? I don't want to put myself as "easy" or "the other woman" but also if they break up I want my chance with him, what should I do ?
Asked Sep 27, 2013
I think he only has a girlfriend to keep you jealous. Maybey that's why he always try's to touch you ;). Have a talk with him. Tell him your feelings and what you think of him, and how you felt when he got a girlfriend (that you new about). GOOD LUCK!
Answered Oct 13, 2013

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