What is Mexico like?

Okay so I'm getting married and my boyfriends parents are from Mexico, we all live in America. But his cousins, aunties, uncles, grandmother, grandfather and so on all live in Mexico. So I have agreed to spend part of our honey-moon in Mexico, but everyone is saying that Mexico is a bad place. But really how bad is it?
Asked Sep 27, 2013
Mexico is a big place, so there are actually a lot of places for living at: some are dangerous, some are nice

The news are always focused only on the bad things, so don't think of them as the most accurate source of information

Certainly things have turned quite ugly at places that some years ago were nice: there's a war going on there after all. But it won't least forever (hopefully) and it hasn't spread the same for all the country: borders are the hot-spots actually

One way or another, just check out the city you're gonna be moving before moving to it.

Mexico trip planner: http://www.voyajo.com/searchResults.aspx?cc=MX
Answered Nov 02, 2013
Okay thank you
jiyong Nov 04, 2013
Mexico is a good place and one of the best tourist destinations in North America. I have spent some days with the help of Oscar Cancun Shuttle Service. You may also make a holiday trip to this place.
Answered Jan 12, 2018
Edited Jan 15, 2018
Mexico is not a small place. Here are many safe places for enjoying a holiday trip or a honeymoon trip. As you said that you want to make a honeymoon trip then I would like to suggest the most romantic tourist destination Cancun. Here the most attractive thing is the white sand beaches. Last year I had gone to Cancun with my family. From there we got good service from North America Shuttle Transfers (https://www.nasttransfers.com/). At that time they were providing a very safe journey to us.
Answered Aug 09, 2018
You are completely wrong. Mexico is a very beautiful country which has many things to do like you can enjoy: Merida, Taxco, Copper Canyon, Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza. Also, this country has the best aviation services (Manny Aviation Service).
Answered Aug 27, 2018

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