Am I a bad person?

I don't like my brother's girlfriend because she asks for a lot of stuff like buying a house, car, having kids, go overseas, have a tennis court, etc. Whenever I ask my brother to help me go for my license, she always gets involved and pressures him not to take me out on learning how to drive.

I have Autism and sometimes when I get angry, I say the most hurtful things. In fact, I called my brother's girlfriend an Asian C**t, which I am not very proud of and tried to apologise but my brother and his girlfriend wouldn't accept it.

Does that mean I am a bad person to say such horrible things that you don't mean it, but my anger got the best out of me?
Asked Sep 19, 2013
No. . .you are not a bad person. . .your anger is bad. . . Try to control. . .it. . . When you get angry next time. . . Start counting numbers in your mind. . It will help u to calmdown. . if u don't like this one then I m sorry I just tried to help u. . . All the best. . .
Answered Sep 19, 2013
Thank you. No, it means a lot to me that you have answered my question. I will follow this method that you have given to me. I am hoping I will never insult someone ever again. Once more, I want to thank you. You're a good person. :)
Aawwww. . . Thank u. . . you are very sweet. . . :)
Not as sweet as you. I wouldn't think anyone would forgive me for saying such harsh words to someone towards my brother's girlfriend. You're actually the first person to answer my question. You could say that I am 50% good and 50% evil, but that's what I believe. I don't know, tough childhood I guess.
baby thats good I mean u said u r 50% good and 50% evil. . . Combination of both. . . <3. . .:), . I love people like u. . . Sweet & saulty. . .
sorry if u don't like it I mean I am used to say baby. . . :)

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