What is liquidity in finance

Asked Sep 18, 2013
It is the turnover of money or the amount of money available for exchange.
Answered Sep 18, 2013
i want this ans in brief
priyal Sep 21, 2013
It is an amount of money you get for exchange. There are several funds which can help you get liquidity. One such fund I know of is Birla Sun Life Liquid Fund. I would suggest that if you want this answer in brief then a financial adviser would be the best option. Check the website below for the right information and contact them for more details.
Answered Jan 08, 2014
Edited Jan 08, 2014
Liquidity is characterized by a high level of trading activity. Assets that can be easily bought or sold are known as liquid assets. The ability to convert an asset to cash quickly. Also known as "marketability." It might be your emergency savings account or the cash lying with you that you can access in case of any unforeseen happening or any financial setback.

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Answered Sep 18, 2014
Liquidity is the ability of the firm to convert assets into cash. It is also called marketability or short-term solvency. The liquidity of a business firm is usually of particular interest to its short-term creditors since the liquidity of the firm measures its ability to pay those creditors.
Answered Sep 20, 2014
Liquidity is a thing that you have and it needs to exchange. Its about your own asset that you have.
Answered Sep 30, 2014
The amount of cash a company has on hand or can generate quickly reveals how healthy the company is financially. High levels of available cash indicate that the business can pay off debt easily when due dates occur.Seek for a specialist http://goo.gl/JhvMTM
Answered Dec 12, 2014
Liquidity mean the degree to which an asset can be swiftly bought or sold in the market without causing the asset's price. Smart Fin99 are the best financial services providers in South Africa.
Answered Feb 08, 2018

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