Does he like me or he's just being friendly?

For the first few months of school,we just always make eye contact ,always near to me, he helps me,doesn't really talk to me that much but when he does he smiles,gives me short responses in a gentle tone..he talks to me nicely while he talks to other girls in a blunt way which can be mean sometimes..

Then this month,things have changed now..
It started when when my friend asked him to join our group for a project..he agreed and joined..the first time we practiced was just okay but during the nxt meeting of our group,we started talking and asking each other some questions...He started to talk to me in a more confident way..he started to be more honest abt things to me..he started to tease me more..when I talk to someone,he'll listen to the convo..especially to my guy friend..he'll just enter our convo and start to interrupt..He doesn't seat near to me anymore but my friend told me that he always seem to wait for me and be around with me...He talks abt a girl infront of me and my bestfriend then while talking abt the girl,he always look at me and one time he whispered to my friend that I was jealous...When we were practicing last time,my friends were asking him a question but he doesn't listen to them but when I asked him he went closer to me,looked me directly in the eyes and answered me politely.. Also when we were practicing, he commented on my singing technique and I was kinda embarassed.. I don't know if he was just teasing me...afterwards,I sang in a lower pitch and Moved to a position where he won't hear me sing he kept looking at me while I was singing in tht way ... When I was having problems with my math,he voluntarily helped me with my homework...I was shy to let him help me so I didn't let him see my work .. While I wasn't looking,he grabbed my work and solve some questions...

There are many things he showed me which makes me think that he likes me but then I am confused if he's just treating me like a friend.. So what do you think abt this?
Asked Sep 18, 2013

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