WHAT AM I? (Straight, gay, bisexual)?

I've been questioning my sexuality since forever. When I was 8 I kissed a girl and actually liked it. But I was 8 you know? I was raised by mostly guys, but I believe that has little to no effect to what I am. I always catch myself looking at girls, but I think a lot of other females do that too...right? I almost made out with my friend last year and she's also a girl. I always see myself in a relationship with another girl.
AND guys too. I'm always looking for ways to find out what I am. I believe I'm bisexual because I still really like guys and get into relationships with guys, but I also think I feel the same way with girls. I mean, whats not to like? But then again I don't know if it's OFFICAL or not ya know? please help. or at least give tips or stories of your own. Thanks.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Sep 14, 2013
you are what ever you feel like it and does it matter really you do what you want and what you like. no one saying anything is gona change that so you do you. fuck the labels
Answered Sep 15, 2013
Gay. :)
Answered Sep 20, 2013

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