Boyfriends in a play that has a kissing scene and it upsets me, help!

My boyfriend is in a play and he has to do a kissing scene, it really bothers me and upsets me, he asked me about it first and I broke down in tears, he said if it was me doing the kissing scene he'd feel the same way so I feel he's being hypocritical for saying its not okay for me but for him it should be fine, he said he'd not do the scene because he'd made me cry and it hurt me, I really love him but I think the sight of him kissing someone else would destroy me and if I kissed someone else (even for a play or something) it would destroy him too, help!
Asked Sep 14, 2013
My husband is an actor, and I've seen him do much, much more than that... over and over again. I just got over it. Acting is his passion. If he was doing this off-stage or off-screen, that would be a different story.

My advice would be deal. The playwright put the scene in the play for a reason. Don't let your insecurities dampen his creative development. If you can't watch the performance -- or the rehearsals -- then don't go and don't be a pain about it, but don't hold him back. In my opinion, that's not fair.

...and, you might want to think about that part about it "destroying" you. Step back and take a look at yourself... It's not a good idea to let a boyfriend, or a relationship, or anything have THAT amount of power over you.
Answered Sep 15, 2013
Edited Sep 15, 2013
The part that bothers me most of all, I'd like to be in a musical (dream Les Mis) and he said he'd not want me performing kiss scenes, so I see him as being hypocritical the fact I'm not allowed to be upset about it, but clearly he is. I'd told him how I've turned down stuff in the past due to past relationships the guy feeling uncomfortable and that I'd never do anything to hurt anyone. It hurts the fact it seems a one way thing.
Mikachi Sep 15, 2013
The best kind of boyfriend/husband is the kind you can grow with over time. Any guy that you have to limit yourself/turn down opportunities in order to be with is not that guy.
I'm planing to become an actress so I will have to kiss people who aren't my boyfriend. When I asked him he said he just tells himself that I'm only acting. But yeah it is hard I mean I was Juliet in the schools Romeo and Juliet and kissing the actor was hard for me cause I felt like I was cheating so it is hard for us too
Answered Sep 23, 2013
The issue behind the kiss isn't the act itself, it's the feeling behind it. Without the feeling, it's no different than a handshake. I had to kiss the most obnoxious girl in the school during a high school play. My girlfriend thought the kiss was funny because she knew what I was thinking when I did it. We called it the "yuk" scene. :-)

I agree with Skydancer. What parts you try out for are your choice just like his are.
Answered Sep 23, 2013
if its just for a play it should be fine but if he really gets into it and likes her no
Answered Sep 23, 2013

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