Can you have negative, tests and periods an still be pregnant even if protection didnt break?

Hi, im 14 and I had protected sex on 6th april 2013 (about 23 weeks ago) condom did not break for shore, I still have my normal periods however my last 3 or so have gotten a little shorter and my last one was 10 days early the one before that was 7 days early is this normal considering my age ? I also get weird cramps inbetween periods is this ovulation ? also I took a pregnancy test one when I would of been 16 and one when I would of been 20 weeks they were both negative am I safe.....
plus; only reason ithought I was is because this last couple of days I have been convincing myself that I can feel a baby kicking its just the odd spasm kinda thing throughout the day but carnt feel anything when lying down, also not showing any sign of bump (wud be 23 weeks by now) please help
Asked Sep 13, 2013
you are not pregnant if you have been getting periods and the protection did not break, cramps are a normal part of periods I dont get them personally but a lot of my friends and family do, but you are not pregnant :) if you are still worried take another test or visit a doctor or something I would say!
Answered Sep 13, 2013
thankyou, xxx

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