I am 17 and I feel so different from others.

Im a freshman in university and now that I am in a complete new environment meeting strange people,i feel like I am not one of them. I am not an ugly nerd girl or anything. Im quite attractive just a regular girl. Girls in my class all drink,curse,talk about boys. I do like boys but I havent dated anyone yet. I havent even had my first kiss. Im not shy either. I hate drinking and talking about boys 24/7. Am I going to be one of them eventually? Also,would you date a girl like me boys?
Asked Sep 12, 2013
First of all, yes Boys would definitely date you,however you may have to wait.
Don't rush for it.
Its pretty normal to feel like this at times, esp. when you're in a new environment.Things will streamline over the period of time. Make friends but don't try to be like them,its okay to be different and this difference lies in your and your family values.Please repect yourself and your values :-)
Answered Sep 12, 2013
Do stuff that makes you happy! If you think you are shy with people and have less confidence, practice talking, chatting having fun, try online dating like atlanta partyline thats what I do. It helps.
Answered Sep 06, 2016
You're 17 ffs, you're SUPPOSED to feel alienated, different, and utterly alone. That's your job. Find some moody, emo chicks in your town, and hang with them for a while. They'll appreciate the company, and you'll feel better about yourself because at least you're not a Goth, right?
Answered Feb 19, 2018

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