Why am I attracted to very bad guys?

I am 23 and im attracted to guys that either sell drugs, or been to prison. I come from a very good family and good neighborhood. Is it that I am not used to this so it turns me on? I also do not have low self esteem but it turns me on when a guy calls me a bitch. (weird) I love being choked in the bedroom , called a whore, smacked around a little, and all kinds of weird things. Why do I like these kinds of things?
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Asked Sep 10, 2013
You can SAY you don't have a low self image but what you DO is saying something very different. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck, what is it?
Answered Sep 11, 2013
Wow well maybe it is just a fetish people have those. I know I have a fetish for my gf in a uniform but thats just me.
Answered Sep 13, 2013
most girls are in to bad boys. I use to be until they get you into shit
Answered Jan 13, 2014
Hahaha I'm glaad im not the only one. I mean, I wont like someone whose like in prison or someting but maybe you just like bad boys. I do :)
Answered Jan 13, 2014
i think women tend to like the idea of taking on objects as projects to feel good. you need to set some boundaries and break whatever habit you choose your men from. now I do love a good bad boy...but be selective.
Answered Jan 19, 2014
i'm like u cause I like ghetto boys in my middle school but I don't like be called mean names I have a bad family who all my uncles went to jail so i'm use to bad stuff
Answered Jan 19, 2014
Many women like rough sex, enjoy it.
Answered May 05, 2014
All females have their personal desires and types. When I was a new student all the popular guys liked me, but I was actually crushing on this one boy that is very peculiar, odd, and crazy funny. He wasn't the best looking, but I don't judge on that. All of my friends don't like him because he's strange, but that made me like him a bit more. Im over him now but im just saying everyone has their interests.
Answered Aug 18, 2014
this is sometimes father related, is your daddy a very bad guy?
Answered Oct 27, 2014
well, its more about the desire of wanting to change them and raise your self-esteem (Every human being on the planet has self-esteem issues, you're not alone). But yeah! there's a saying that if you love someone with your whole heart, the whole universe makes an effort to get you two together!
Good Luck
Hope this helped
Answered Mar 23, 2017
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Because you're a fucking retard.
Answered Sep 10, 2013

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