Car trouble please help.desperate!

About 1 1/2 years ago me and my now ex boyfriend were on the freeway going about 70 mph and he got angry and pulled the emergency brake going that fast. After that the car would not turn off. The gears were stuck and the car was not going into park. I had taken it to a mechanic and he fixed it a little bit to where it would go into park but you had to push it up and pull it down a little and wait for a clicking noise. About 3 months later my brakes started acting up very badly. It was a all of a sudden kind of thing. I took it to two mechanics and one said it looked fine. The other replaced EVERYTHING! put a new brake line, calibers, pads, and a master cylinder from the junk yard. It ran okay for about two weeks then went bad again. Brakes started going to the floor and everything. Now another mechanic fixed everything all new everything again and it is not working. He said it will get better and then go bad again when you bleed the other side of the brakes. Does what my ex did by pulling the emergency brake on the highway have anything to do with these problems? Does anyone know what it could be ? PLEASE HELP! it is a 2000 toyota solara
Asked Sep 10, 2013
Pulling the emergency brake will not cause the gears to stick or not go into park. Those are transmission issues. It sounds to me as if he may have jammed the vehicle's transmission into a lower gear, reverse or even park at the high speed. You should take it to a Toyota dealer and have the damage assessed.
Answered Sep 11, 2013

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