What is wrong with me

hey all my name is zak and I am a 14 year old male I live with my stepdad and my mother for a while now I have been acting very strange im not really sure what is happening I might say something like I want to kill myself and start screaming at them etc today I was angry at my sepdad so I am not sure if I have an anger issue problem but I threw my computer out the window and ripped up my hw infront of my mom I have been acting angry latly and I get mad very easily im not sure if it is puberty or if I hva anger issues ps sorry for my typing I didnt have to much time
Asked Sep 08, 2013
Edited Sep 08, 2013
If you are comfortable with talking to your parents you should explain it to your mother or father. If not then tell a teacher at school that you trust or a school guidance counselor. They will help you work with your problems or you might learn that it is just puberty. They will keep it confidential as long as you aren't harming yourself or others. It could stem from a lack of discipline and something you developed to get your way or manipulate others.... :)
Answered Sep 08, 2013
It could be stress and anxiety from new stepdad or other stuff.
Answered Dec 27, 2013
Go to a social worker
Answered Jul 04, 2015
Its all because of stress or other stuff.


Answered Dec 10, 2016

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