PLEASE help me find this song (classical english folk song)

My mother studied music when she was doing her GCSE's sometimes around 1989, she was a singer and during her grade 3 her teacher taught her a song. This was a long time ago when my mum was 14/15 years old.
ever since I was born my mother still always sings and hums the song to herself. she has been trying to find the song for years now because she has forgotten some of the lyrics and this song is very close to her heart and a cherished memory.
She would love to find this song and be able to find the lyrics/words and to sing it properly again.
I'v tried for hours online to find the song with the excerpts of lyrics she has, but I come up with nothing. I know its a very old folk song but its as if its just disappeared.

here are the excerpt of lyrics she remembers.

"In the evening when twilight is falling
a beautiful songster can sometimes be heard
softly lilting entrancing the listener
have you not heard
hark to the song of the nightingale bird
in tall tree tops caressed by moonlight
sings the chorister of the sky
his song is gay and wonderful, sad and sorrowful
joy and sorrow addressed to the heavens.
feathered little one, sing while your love goes
sadness and happiness have occurred"

That is all we have so far. I'm not sure if the lyrics are based on a poem or something else, but it would mean a lot to us if anyone could help us.
thank you.
Asked Sep 08, 2013
Did you ever find this song? I too have been searching for this song for years and can't remember the title or composer
found it - see latest answer!
rls1016 Aug 17, 2018
Justin Bieber - Baby
Answered Mar 28, 2014
Hi. I have the sheet music complete with lyrics. You may already have all the copies you need by now. It really is the most beautiful of songs and I am planning on singing it for my next singing exam, now I see it is a trad. song. It is even my ringtone so I hum it all the time.

This is the first time I have been on this site - only found it because I typed in the song title and the song is not on you tube - though it should be.

Send me a message on Facebook if you want to get in touch. I do not do Fcebook but do the notifications of messges. Jenny Tony
Answered Jul 23, 2014
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Answered Dec 19, 2016
It's by Aubrey Beswick from a book called Pick n Choose - it was on the Grade 3 syllabus till 2017!

Youtube here:

Sheet music here, among others:
Answered Aug 17, 2018

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