I want my skin to be bound into a book cover after I die.

There is a practice called anthropodermic bibliopegy, I have read about this process and wanted my skin to bind a book because I am what is called a bibliophile or a person who has a great love for books. I have two questions actually, is this legal today and is there anyone who would do this for me after I die. I realize this is considered a morbid and strange thing but it's what I want so only real and serious answers thank you. Also how much would this cost?
Asked Sep 07, 2013
k this is the 3 thing about it clam the fuck down :p
Answered Sep 07, 2013
well mine is a serious question about how I want to be memorialized after I die and I didnt know what to put it under so there's a big difference between that and your relationship question
mackala Sep 08, 2013
Sure every tanner and skinner can do it, just die in a country where it is allowed, preferably a third world country and pay a skinner and a calligraphist or printer. I have red in a bible which had pages made from over 400 lamb foetuses, so if butchering 400 sheep cutting out the foetuses and making a book is no trouble, skinning and tanning a human should be a piece of cake. Its only a money and moral question.
Answered Sep 07, 2013

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