How to kill myself but make it look like an accident?

I want to kill myself but I need it to look like an accident. I want my family to receive my life insurance benefits. This kinds of cancels out my initial plan to shoot myself. And please no rants about not doing this, the decision has been made. But I do need help on this, so any insurance people out there it would be nice if you could help. I've put my family in enough financial stress as it is, I'm 28 and my policy will pay out up to $500,000.
Asked Sep 04, 2013
I agree with you. I love the "suicide is never an answer" people. Idiots.
Azrael Aug 28, 2015
no don't do it no no no no don't do it
Answered Sep 04, 2013
first think about what you what put your family through by killing your self so i'm begging you to not do it. Things may be bad but never bad enough to take your own life..better things will come please rethink this..
Answered Sep 14, 2013
Everything is replaceable but You . Money has no value in someones heart ,
But You do. I am a mom of a 28 year old ,whom I love with all my heart.
If something where to happen to him I would be devistated and the pain would never go away. You think it will help and make things better but t won't not even a little bit. There's always another way to fix problems always. Please consider your familys feelings ?
And ask for help to fix the problem. You are worth much more than any amount of $$$.

Answered Sep 14, 2013
get a job
Answered Sep 15, 2013
yeah.. money fixes things for people who did not previously have it. Crash your car off a cliff.. 500k is cool but a mil is better. Fuck you earth
Answered Dec 11, 2013
You want to kill yourself to make it look like an accident but what make you think they can't get your computer/laptop or IP address and not see what you posting on here ? Your insurance company won't give them anything.. If you really thinking on killing yourself you are being selfish, is going to get worse for them to deal with your death, your parents at the end probably going to start committing suicide like you trying to do *SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION*
Answered Dec 11, 2013
Suicide is always the answer. The people telling you not to kill yourself do not understand, nor will they ever. Life is miserable.

I died almost two years ago, and I wish that the nurses didn't revive me. It would be better off for everyone.

My family wouldn't miss me; they wouldn't even notice I'm gone. Go ahead. Suicide solution. Just make sure you do it in a way where they can't revive you, the jerkoffs that they are.
Answered Aug 28, 2015

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