Herbal medicine is an alternative treatment of prostatitis

prostatitis is a disease that can be affected by lots of men. this disease is easy to cure, but when it develops into chronic type, the treatment becomes hard too. at this time, herbal medicine is better than antibiotic and other treatment, because chronic prostatitis cannot be cured within weeks, and antibiotic can produce harmful materials to damage liver and kidney. thus, herbal medicine is a good choice. more information about herbal medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be seen on the two sites:
Asked Sep 03, 2013
Yes, I do accede with you. Herbal incense is best to treat prostatitis. Although its results are late but they are quite effective. One can visit http://www.legalherbalonline.com/category/blog for good quality and affordable herbals.
Answered Apr 29, 2014

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