How should I break up with a perfect girl?

the only thing that makes me happy is her happiness.
and I think that was a wrong move.
i forgot and sacrifice my own happiness in order for her well-being and happiness.
and I have kept this feeling for so long. she doesn't know about this because I know she will be sad, hurt and will worry a lot and even to the point she will blame her self.
i don't think that she should blame her self. i'am the one who decided to forget and sacrifice my own happiness.
she can and willing to do everything and anything for me, specially my happiness. she wants to!
but I always rejected it, I always say no. because of that she is now afraid to try. because I lowered her self-esteem.
even though, I don't wan't her to get sad, be hurt and to worry, that is why I act to be strong.
and that was a fail act, truth is i'am not strong enough for her
i'am not strong enough for the both of us.
if she knows this, I know she will stand up for the both of us.
but I don't want to bother her and for her to get hurt.
i want to protect her, fight for her, taking care of her etc..
but i'am not strong enough.
she is in love with me, d**n right! no questions about it.
i can't believe someone like her would be in love with me this much.
i think of it maybe she is just too good to be true.
it's just that, if her life is just like a jigsaw puzzle..
i'am not the perfect fit.
that is how I feel.

i try to break up with her.
(this was sudden)
even though she's confused and shocked.
she immediately answers "No"
with a mixed of pissed, serious and straight face, and with a serious voice
she even did not ask for reason.
i think she answered too quickly with out thinking.
and every time I repeat what I just said, she just immediately answers the same way.
she moved closer to me and then hugged me.
i try to remove her arms while saying the same things again.
and then she answers the same way while she's hugging me even tighter.
we did the same way over and over again.
until what just left of us was just silence..
while, she's still hugging me tight

i think I DON'T love her even though she's perfect.
i couldn't and wouldn't ask for more, anything else, etc.
i know I couldn't and wouldn't replace her because she is only one and no one else
she's perfect after all.

i just want anything and everything for the better of her and her happiness.
Asked Sep 01, 2013
"If you aren't happy-then she isn't perfect (for you). Yes this is very accurate for me-really very accurate. You aren't happy and she is emotionally attached, you're conscience and guilt will not allow you to leave..or say no. You truly have sacrificed yourself." You chose that as your best answer so I'll give it to you.
Answered Sep 01, 2013
Never think low of yourself.. If you think she is perfect, she has chosen you so you are the perfect for her... True love is hard to find, so never let go of her so easily if you know that she loves you.. And you don't know yourself, but you too love her.. Don't leave her, and stay with her, give her the best of love and care that you can, and NEVER underestimate yourself.. I can tell it to you coz I also had once fallen in love, but due to my mistakes she went away! So don't break her heart, coz you too will be hurt!
Answered Sep 01, 2013

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