Why am I a loser who sucks at everything

I have tried a lot of things and failed at all of them school engineering cross country physical labor I am just a poor sad excuse for a human being what's wrong with me.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Aug 30, 2013
Boohoo, try harder.
You're human. I'm a fuck up myself. I mean, seriously, if I wasn't, would I have an ex boyfriend at he age of twelve?
Answered Aug 30, 2013
You are not a narcissist for a start. The best way to change yourself is reflecting on yourself and that is something you obviously do. And even if what you say is true, which I seriously doubt, if you are such a poor serious excuse for a human, that means everything you can do every other human can also, so you are the perfect role model for all mankind, do you think I want to hear that Kate Moss is able to keep her diet? No I want a looser like me showing me how to do it. If you can learn X (insert whatever you like) , someone else can too and so many people fear to do so many things, I have serious troubles doing anything handyman like in my household , so show the world that you can learn it (whatever "it" is) and tell the rest, if such a looser like you can do it, so can they and voilĂ  you are a big comfort for them and play a important role by motivating people.
Answered Aug 30, 2013
You give up to easy we all fall down at some point in are life but u have to keep trying until you win.. you are a fighter keep fighting find something you like doing and work hard at it
Answered Apr 23, 2014
You arent a failure. Im the biggest fuck up you will ever meet. (Or see rather) its part of living. It sucks, I know, but sometimes we have to live with things we cant change and damn I wish I coild change the fact that I cant do one fucking thing right. So sorry.
Answered Apr 23, 2014

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