Baby food for 2 months old?

My baby is just 2 months old. Can I start giving him baby food like infant cereals like Cerelac and how long could I feed my baby with such type of baby food?
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Asked Aug 27, 2013
Edited Aug 27, 2013
It is not good to feed your baby with infant cereals in his 2nd month.Formula feeders like Cerelac baby food( )are given to your baby when he reach atleast 4 months. This information is given in their website and also written in their packets. You should also identify the growth of your baby, whether he can fed with baby food. Consult a pediatrician before feeding you son with infant cereals. After the first 4 months of your child you give baby food in addition to breast feeding.
Answered Aug 27, 2013
The information you shared was very useful. I will definitely consult with a pediatrician before start feeding my baby with solid food.
farza Aug 27, 2013
Please do not give a 2 month old any solid foods. Their bodies are not developed enough to handle it. Also cereals and any grains can not be digested by infants until they are closer to age 1 as their bodies don't produce an enzyme necessary to digest it properly.
A baby that is ready for solid foods should show these signs first before any solids are given: sitting up by themselves without any propping, able to pick up things with a pincer grasp (using the first finger and the thumb), lost the tongue thrust reflex (pushes out stuff out of the mouth with the tongue), and a minimum of 6 months old. If baby was a preemie, go by the adjusted age (the age baby should be if born at term).
Answered Sep 04, 2013
Also, make sure baby nurse or takes their bottle of formula/breastmilk before any solids are given as that should be the main source of nutrition and not the solid food.
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Answered Nov 27, 2017

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