Headphone/Headset brand/suggestion -xbox 360-?

Hello reader!!
So..It's gonna be my birthday soon. And I'm planning to maybe get a video game, or maybe headphones. -For xbox 360-

see, this is my problem. I know there's a few brands and stuff,yeah?
But I honestly don't know what to get?? I wont have much money. Most likely under 40 dollars. I don't want one with a mic/chat really. I shy away from multiplayer games :\
so yeah.. Can anyone with experience with these things throw out a suggestion or two?? Thank you. uvu;

oh, and as stated before, I don't really want one that has a mic on it or anything fancy -w- I just want one that'd work with game audio and such.
Asked Aug 26, 2013
Turtle Beach and Ear Force are the top players and sell both expensive and cheap. Check these ones out:

http://www.amazon.com/Force-Gaming-Headset-Amplified-Stereo-Pc/dp/B005DQG0BO/ref=zg_bs_676963011_1 (This one is 53$)


Answered Aug 26, 2013
Yeah, I've heard good things about Turtle beach from a couple of my friends at some point. -Never heard much about Ear Force tho.- I'll look at the details of'em and crap. At this point, I don't even know what I actually want to spring for. lmao.
I usually just buy one good headphone that works on both consoles and PC and hope that it doesn't suck and break easily. Usually if nobody has anything bad to say about a headset, then it'll probably be worth it.

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