How can I find out if my Best friend Likes me?

Okay, Long story Short. She's a girl I'm a girl. I'm Bi she.... IDK!.

Now the Long Story...
Me and her have known each other for awhile, I met her and her twin. The thing is. This month she got grounded and she can only hang out and talk to me when she is grounded. Her twin isn't and her and her sister are my best friends.

One day, I went on a bike ride with her, I had no were to sit, so she let me sit on her legs. Of course she lost feeling in her leg she told me I didn't move, But.. she groaned with her head back, and then she gives me a face and I looked at her since she knew I was paying attention she asked "Wanna be my girlfriend?" of course her sister wasn't paying attention but I think she was.

I thought for a moment, Blushed a bit I dont know if it showed, then I looked and said "UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" for a long time then looked around then back at her "No." I didn't know if she was joking or not. She looked disappointed deep down, but she smiled and said she was Just kidding. It seemed like she was Disappointed.

Yesterday (August 24th). I had my Birthday party. Both her and her sister came. She let me sit on her lap, I did.. and it worked out. She was wondering if I wanted to do Karaoke and I said of course, took me awhile to get her to do it.

We had fun together, and what not. and so did her sister. We did Karaoke, and she got nervous and started playing with my hands, now I dont know if she was actually nervous. But I was actually nervous she tried pulling away and I squeezed her arm.

Our conversation

Me: "I could tell you were nervous.. You were playing with my fingers well hand"

Her: "YEAH! I was" She made it seem like she was hiding something.

Her: "I could tell, You tried pulling away and you tightened your grip"

I smiled at that, but as much as I know I dont think she was pulling away it didn't feel like she was pulling away at all, She also put her arm around me everytime we decided to do Karaoke. Her sister watched.

It seems like me and her are dating but we really aren't. She seems closer to me than her sister.

And Again the after party for my fire works, She decided to come in the bathroom to change with me (I had to borrow her shirt). I gave it right back, When we were in the Bathroom together we chatted, thing is, I had to change my shorts in front of her, My shirt was long enough to cover, but since I had to kneel or bend down because my Monster tab fell, I felt like she was trying to look somewhere, I got up right away and fixed my shirt, and got shorts on to go in the pool.

I took my shirt off and I caught her take a quick glance at looked at me in my eyes, I took her shirt and put it on. We then exited.

Funny thing is, We played a Glow Stick game in the pool. Kinda like Smeer the queer but with glowsticks, Me and her teamed up against her sister, and she kept giving me them, Since I had the most her sister tried going for me, and in this case, She jumped on her twin sister and started to fight her for the six or seven glow sticks she had, She gave me a few, and she was left down to two, I took the one out of her mouth and she put another one in, (Her sister)

and I looked at her, But then her twin tries going for me so I tucked them all under my shirt, ready to kick her away when she gets close enough to snag, and I'm backing up as the one who either likes me or not is coming next to me to protect me.

What the conversation was

Me: "Dont kill my babies, I'll kill yours"

Her: *Laughs and repeats with something in her mouth*

Twin: Urrr

Her: "Yeah dont kill our babies!"

I was shocked she said "our!" I looked at her, then dodge a quick attack that her twin tried using then she went to me and attacked her. I still can't believe she said our, and I just.. Didn't know what to say about it.

I like her, but all in all. I think she likes me back, but she does know I am Bi, and what not. But she doesn't care. But she seems like it and I dont think she can hide it from me any longer.

I dont know what to do or say, Her grounding is over in september and she will be able to spend the night on weekends. Since it's school.

What should I do?
What should I say?
What do I need to do to get her to confess!? without peer pressuring her to confess!?

Me and her love each other, but it seems like it's more than Best friend loving...

I just dont know if she likes me :c
Asked Aug 25, 2013
Sound like she likes you. but if you want to find out for yourself here are some suggestions.
#1 Just ask here. This is really forward but who knows
#2 You could joke about being her girl friend (so on so forth) and then see how she reacts and that way you could laugh it off if she says no.
#3 so this is somthing most girls do and it's called primping and that means a soon as she sees you she would adjusts her hair or shirt maybe see how her breath smells.

Don't like the Our babies thing bother you to much. I mean she problly meant our as in your babies and her babies so nothing major.

Hope this helps

Answered Aug 26, 2013
Yeah, I'm taking her to see a movie, and her twin, and I am paying it for her. I have two movie passes that I got. Thing is, When I saw her today she smiled at me, and I smiled back. I will joke and see.

But here is a few questions I have for you!.

#1: Ask? Like what way? XD
#2: I would joke, but what if she goes with it, and doesn't deny?
#3: Hmmm.... She didn't primp she's a tomboy, but she did state she put deodorant on today.. Which I didn't need to know. But Since she had her hair up, she was like "UURRRGH this piece is getting me mad" so I fixed it for her, but deep down, she might of been primping but the other way around instead of fixing it.

When I first saw how she looked I smiled..

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