I took out my healed nose ring and couldn't get it back in, hole is yellow?

My nose piercing is fully healed and I do have the bump that's common on the inside of my nose. I took out the jewelry for the first time in a whole year since I got it and I couldn't get it back in. It started to get sore and bleed so I stopped trying. Now the hole inside is yellowish but it doesn't hurt at all. Is it infected now?:( It wasn't discolored until about an hour ago.
Asked Aug 25, 2013
Well, Did you take care of it correctly and used things to make sure it wasn't infected after taking the nose ring out?

That could be a possibility, or it's just snot.
But if you put misplaced piercing for a nose ring that may also be why or your just allergic to the type of metal it's made with.
Answered Aug 25, 2013

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