Is He Cheating On Me?

I am not usually a jealous person. Lately my husband's behavior has brought up some questions. I hate to think he could be cheating on me after I've just given birth to our first child, but I don't know what else to think at this point.

I recently received an email from a former co-worker of his who asked me to please tell my husband not to text or call her anymore as it was upsetting her and her fiance. When I asked her about it, she said that for the past couple weeks he had been sending her text messages and/or calling her cell after midnight. She said that he kept asking her to "hook up" with him and refused to stop when she told him no. He got very nervous when I confronted him. He started sweating and shaking and then demanded that HE be the one to respond to the email instead of me. He claimed to not know why she would say something like that out-of-the-blue (she is a friend but we don't get to talk more than once a month). He immediately started to cuddle up to me and kiss me as if that would suddenly make everything okay.

At about 6AM the next morning, I caught him trying to hack into my email. He said he only wanted to know if she had sent anything else to me. I told him that I wanted to see his other texts and emails (I felt I had a good reason at this point), and he got angry. He opened his email but kept scrolling up and down the page every couple seconds so that I couldn't really read anything. He insisted it was all innocent and logged off.

I also noticed that he had been sending messages to his ex-fiance. This was the girl that he allowed to verbally harass me for several weeks after we got married, and also the same girl who went around our workplace claiming to be secretly having sex with him behind my back. He had promised me years ago that he would never ever speak to her again. When I asked about his emailing her, he claimed that he 'forgot' that he wasn't supposed to talk to her anymore.

There is another girl on his MMORPG that he has been texting every single day for the last two months. She is supposed to be in a relationship with someone else. They used to only refer to each other by 'game name' but recently he has started calling her by her real name. He deletes sections of the text messages before I can read them, but claims that they are completely innocent. This girl often texts at 2-3AM after I am in bed. When I asked her to stop texting him every single day, my husband got very upset. He told me I was being a paranoid b****. Let me just add that he spent an entire day making 'jokes' about how he was grooming this girl to be my replacement because she was obviously pretty and they had so much in common.
I think that it is highly inappropriate for her to be sending late night text messages to a married man when she supposedly has a boyfriend, but he just laughs when I tell him that it bothers me.

He claims he loves me and we have a baby together. Could he really be cheating behind my back? What would make him suddenly not want to be with me? Our relationship hasn't changed. We have a regular sex life and apart from recent events things have been good between us. I just don't understand.

NOTE: When I confront him, he refuses to talk about it and still insists that he is innocent. He absolutely refuses to let me view his emails or texts, and he refuses to add me as a friend on his Facebook page. He tells his female friends that I am just a "fucking idiot" that needs to be ignored. I have threatened divorce, and he has said that if I leave him he will tell the court that I am an abusive mother and take my baby from me. He exhibits all the red flags of cheating, and yet he maintains that he has done absolutely nothing wrong.
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Asked Aug 25, 2013
Edited Sep 01, 2013
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HE SOUNDS LIKE A DOG, point blank end of story. I don't even think you need to ask this question on this sit because based on the evidence you have recieved, its obvious that he is getting a little frisky with some tramps. I reccommend that you be persistant in talking to him because you not only have to think about your own happiness but of your new born child.
Answered Aug 29, 2013
He is probably cheating. As a guy I know I don't get sweaty at nothing..
Answered Sep 01, 2013
As foolish as your husband sounds, people don't cheat via the Internet. They play silly games to massage their suffering egos. If he is cheating he will have sizable periods of time that are unaccounted for. Without that, it's all Internet games.

My guess is he's immature and is competing with the baby for Mama's attention.

Answered Sep 01, 2013
Omg he's trouble...
Answered Jun 07, 2015
he is cheating with another hot piece of ass... AKA a dude
Answered Jun 07, 2015
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Answered Jul 01, 2016
Having had this type of experience, I think it is a gut feeling but you dont want to believe.Asking him usually means you still dont know as tthey may well say no they're not. You can ask if he/she is seeing someone else. If she says Yes, then you have aloot on your plate to deal with now. I think it is very common for them to say no, even when they are , so a NO answer isnt much of help sometimes. Think about it , if someone is cheating on you behind your back, its because they dont want you to know, Either because they want to have their cake and eat it, or because they think of it as just a fling, or because they havent made their mind up whether to leave you or not. If you truly wish to be sure of your spouse sincerity, its advisable sometimes to be sure of his/her true sincerity. I was able to have full access to my ex device with the help of a programmer. he was able to retrieve all past deleted files/chats , he cloned her device for me. it hurts deep to see the one you love hide alot from you, I feel great knowing the truth and way before I drowned. You can contact ""ihackcyber(@)(programmer)(.)(net) """for help incase you need assistance.Hes really good and was the one who helped me. His services really affordable and he also gave me a manual guide for everything I needed to do for a location tracking device.

Answered Nov 07, 2017
Well I found out using a private investigator during my time he was able to gain access and spy on his phone and computers and tweaked cameras around his office. Contact then
Answered Nov 13, 2017
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Answered Dec 25, 2017
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Answered Jan 13, 2018

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