I am very confused.i dont know what to do with my boyfriend :/

Well we are a couple from an year now..Since june we had a lot of fights but we solved them...About 15 days ago I said him some bad things..and he said to me: I dont want to talk for a while cuz ur words hurt me..When I have a clear mind I will talk to you...After a week he didnt talk to me..I sent him an SMS asking: Are we still together? he didnt reply.. I caught him on a lie about something..And I said dont speak to me again..we are over..And he didnt say nothing...He stays silent..WHat is wrong with him?
Asked Aug 24, 2013
Was your fight about his lie, or did that come after?

Whatever was said, it seems he may have felt that the relationship was not worth saving. He could very well have just moved on without telling you. You told him "we are over", so he may feel that he has no reason to respond to you anymore.
Answered Aug 25, 2013
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