My ex keeps trying to seduce me all tho she knows am taken

Girl also
Well am taken and my ex who I was with for ages keeps trying to seduce me since she got back from her holls I have no idea why she suddenly changed :/ she also knows am taken but still does this and this girl was pretty special to me and she knows it so its so difficult to resist her what to do with her I don't want to cheat on my current partner but it's becoming very hard to keep saying no to her as she still means a lot to me I just don't know why she suddenly wants me back and it's not cos am taken she knew this for a while and never tried anything until she gets back from her holls confused :/
Asked Aug 22, 2013
You clearly like the person your with, don't ruin it and if this relationship doesn't work then if u still want to get back with your ex :)
Answered Aug 22, 2013
Thanks babe and haha yeah ;p x
Have a talk with her, in a place with lots of people like a park or pub or somewhere where she can't really seduce you. Just have a chat with her, ask why and everything.. See what she has to say, she may help make things clearer..
Answered Aug 22, 2013
She does this in public I can't see her just in a house or something she just doesn't care :/ it's really strange she never acted like this when we was together so just don't get why she acting like this now and thanks for answering :) x

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