Girls please help ! I really need your help?

i like a girl. the first and the only girl I have ever liked in my life. I know we cannot be together, coz of family problems. I think she wont like me the way I like her. we are best friends though since last 2 yrs. Share everything with each other like best buddies. our families wont allow us to get married. I am trying to get over her. but I want to tell her everything that is in my mind. atleast I want her to know what she means to me, how important she is to me. No I dont want to force her. Just let her know everything from day one. I'm thinking of writing a mail
to her. I cant say this to her in-person. I just want to end everythng on a gud note.

my question is -

do you think she will get me wrong or will she starting hating me ??

Is e-mailing her wt I feel abt her a gud option??

Please help me..especialy girls :(
Asked Aug 22, 2013
I think that if you truly love her you will tell her everything that's one your mind. For me a true man will come up to me and tell me the truth even if its weird because that shows true honesty and bravery. Emails are OK, but I'd rather have someone tell me right up front! Just relax, I'm sure she isn't going to hate you if you tell her the truth. Especially because you two have been friends. You guys should remain friends even if your parents don't like it. I'm not saying that you should get married if its going to cause trouble, but if you take it slow. If your parents truly love you they should allow you two to get married. I'm assuming your older than 18 and can get married without your parents permission, but try not to upset your parents!! hope you get up enough courage to tell her that you love her up front, good luck:)
Answered Aug 22, 2013
Thanks a lot for answering :) I am 22, my parents don't have a problem with our friendship, its just that they wont allow us to get married due to some reasons. I wont go against then, neither would she. thanks once again

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