Is there a way to become Admin on a whatsapp group I'm joined into?

I created a group for me and my friends, and so, I was the Admin. One day I changed my phone number, so since I'm too lazy to jailbreak my phone, I just created a new account. But I had to delete the old account.
I added my new account, but when I deleted the old one, the Admin would be trasfered to a random member.
So instead of removing my friends temporarily, deleting my old account, and then add them again, I decided to trust them and just exited.

The problem is that the Admin got transfered to the most inmature member of the group, he is constantly kicking everyone.
I proposed to create a new group, but my friends voted against it since we had precious photos and conversations in that group.

So I wanted to know, is there any way to hack whatsapp and making myself the Admin of the group?

Note: My phone is an iPhone 4S, I also have a laptop and I am somewhat experienced with hacking.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.
Asked Aug 21, 2013

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You can always try to sneak into that "inmature member"s phone and delete the group. It doesn't really delete the group, but delete the group copy in the user's phone. That way the admin "power" would be randomly granted to another member of the goup, and luckily the new admin is not as inmature! (If he is, repeat the process).
PS: I know this question is old and my answer might not be useful for the OP, but it may be for the thread's new visitors (Like me)
Answered Mar 02, 2014
Edited Mar 02, 2014
You can now add more admins to the group so you can then just sneak into the other guys phone make yourself admin and then kick him out from your own phone as admin then he loses his admin privileges and if you want you can as him back as a normal member
Answered Jan 02, 2015

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