Am I the only one who thinks this?

Kind of a random question, but I wanted to know if anyone else agrees with this thought.

In the song "Gloria" by Relient K, these lyrics come up:

"I guess it's love when you tell me what to wear
I guess it's love when you're going through my phone
I guess it's love when I can't go out alone
I guess it's love when you got me feelin' low"

And this kind of reminded me of an abusive relationship situation. Nothing in this song really seems that way except this part but I was just thinking about this part and I thought it sounded like abuse and was wondering what others think.

Update: Yeah, I mean I don't really think anyone in the band was in an abusive relationship because they seem fine and nothing else seems to reflect this and I shouldn't really be /worried/, and I'm not really assuming anything like that happened. This lyrics just kind of caught me off guard and the thought wouldn't leave me alone. Thank you for answering. Why isn't my email notifying me when I get an answer?!!!
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Asked Aug 20, 2013
Edited Aug 28, 2013
I have never heard it but the lyrics shown does sound a bit abusive..
Answered Aug 21, 2013

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