Me and him are in love but I'm 15 and four months and he's 30.

Me and him live in Australia. I never thought I would fall in love with a older guy but he is nice, repectful, sweet, loving, caring, just gets me, understanding, funny, puts me first, good looking, thin and tall. He helps me with my homework sometimes. When I cry he cuddles me. He holds my hand when we cross the road. At the movies his arm is around me.

I have known this guy since I was 13. I am very mature for my age and I look older then I am. We met because my brother is 25 now and thats a good mate of his. We were friends for that whole year of me being 13. We would talk on the phone every weekend for hours. We met in secret and we would go see movies and go to cafe's together and he always payed even if I offered and he's not rich or anything. I knew I really liked him. I could tell he did too but we never said anything.
Then after a year finished he told me how he felt I could see tears in his eyes. We just hugged that day and he said we love each other so we can wait.
A few more months past of us being friends. Then he became my best friend. When I told my friends about him being my best friend they laughed at me. I guess its because they couldn't imagine a 14 year old being best friends with a 29 year old. I went home crying and I called him up and we met at the park and he sat on the bench next to me and we hugged for one hour. I was crying so much. For that whole year of me being 14 we never had a single argument and I was really sensible and careful about what we did and where we went in secret. He wrote me diary entries about us twice a week on weekends and each entry was a page long and we would read it together and it would make me cry that no one would understand or get this relationship.

After a few months of being 15 I couldn't take it anymore I just wanted him to be my boyfriend so I asked him. He said my parents would freak out and that my brother would laugh at me. Then I burst into tears and he kissed me on the cheek. That was the first time besides hugging that we took a little risk. I kissed him on the cheek back.
A few months passed and he wrote and sang me a song about our messed up relationship. He's not a good singer but neither am I so I didn't say anything. But the words came from the heart so that was sweet. That day we kissed on the lips that was last week. The kiss lasted for a minute or two. He's a good kisser.
I love him so much and he loves me he wants to marry me when I'm 18 and I do too but my parents would go insane because they don't know about us. They don't know that I am sometimes up all night texting him, really quitely facetiming him or talking on the phone with him in whispers but usually texting. I love him so much. I love everything about him. He makes me laugh and smile. He hugs me so much. When I have a fight with my brother he'll tell my brother in private to be nicer to his little sister.
Please help me! I have a really good realtionship with my mum and dad and I don't want to reck it. Do you think they would understand? Would they be able to take in my feelings and the way I feel and he feels about me? I get good grades at school. So my parents are really proud of me. I don't want to burst their bubble, you know? We have not had sex and will not have sex till after marriage and after I am 18 and we have not done anything sexual. He's never seen me naked and I've never seen him naked. All we have done is kiss on the lips sometimes for long periods of time. This year the only thing we have had little fights about is the age gap. I tried falling for other boys in my class because my boyfriend told me to but it didn't work. He told me after that, that he shouldn't have told me to do that and he loves me and hes sorry and he started crying and telling me how much he loves me for like 10 minutes and no he's not mental (I'm not either) he's normal. I remember that day so well. Another thing my parents might get a little bit worried about is that I am a Australian and he was born in Spain and he's spainsh but he can speak fluent english and fluent spanish. Don't get me wrong my parents are nice people and they aren't racist, just concerned. Its just as well as age differences their will be cultural differences too. But we both live in Australia now. Iv'e sacrificed so many late night outs with my friends because my 'rents are strict and want me to stay at home and study. But theres one thing I can't sacrifice and thats my love for my boyfriend. I can't explain are connection but I cry when I'm not with him. He loves me dearly.

He said I mean the world to him. I love him sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I just want him to be with me. I know what your thinking and no he's not a pedofile or a pervert. I need him and I love him. He's never done anything to make me feel uncomfortable. We are going at a extremly slow place.
He loves me so much.

Love does not have a skin colour or religious background or country because that would be racist. Long distance relationships work out beause love does not have a distance. Love is not based on looks or smartness. Love is based on whats on the inside and his inside is really kind and he loves me. Love does not have a gender, you can love boy or girl so why must it have a age?

Does love have a age?
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Asked Aug 20, 2013
Edited Aug 20, 2013
omg I live in Austraila.
i dont think there is an age. that story is so sweet I am 15 aswell and I was dating a guy at the at of 24 we were is love but the only thing was he had a child to another girl and if he was dating me he was not aloud to see her so I said I dont mind your gf is a bitch but we are still friends.

but the only thing is if you have sex with him (not say you will or not ) but be very careful one of my other ex's went to jail for having sex with a mina. so BE VERY CAREFUL please
Answered Aug 20, 2013
Edited Aug 20, 2013

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