Is it legal for a landlord to put the tenant in charge of pest control

Me and my family moved into a house about 6 months ago. and in the lease agreement it stated:

Pest control policy:
Resident is responsible for any ongoing pest control service, if the resident desires such a service. Owner is not responsible for any damage done to the resident's person, or property by such pests, Or to the person or property of residents family or any other persons on the premises.

We figured it was talking about common pests, ants, roaches, rats. So we agreed to sign it. A few days after we had moved in my wife has bites on her. We had assumed that maybe it was mosquitos, it turns out that it was bedbugs. We have never had this problem before so we had no idea at the time what we where dealing with. Its six month that we moved in now and these bugs are in every room and biting all of us. I know that its in the contract, but is it legal to have us in charge of getting rid of these pests.
Asked Aug 18, 2013
NO!, in fact the reason the landlord wanted you to sign such agreement was because he knew his building was infested with bed bugs. A decent lawyer should see too it that this landlord is punished for his wrongful wicked contract via the value of the building. Which means what you both get in settlement is split between you and your lawyer. In other words, it should not set you back $2000.00 to sew.
Answered Aug 18, 2013
No, your landlord is not liable for this. You have to pay for it & only you are responsible for this. So, you can't take any money from them.
Answered May 12, 2014
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Answered Sep 23, 2021

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