What do people look for in adventure/magic/fantasy/romance/drama novels

Hi I'm trying to make a romance fantasy novel and I just wana know what people look forward to romance and fantasy novels. Including adventure. Just give me any tips or answers of any kind. This is my first book to but I've been writing ever since I was seven and I'm not kidding. I really do have a passion for books and I feel like I have to get this story out of my head and onto paper so thank you so much.
Asked Aug 17, 2013
I think most of it depends on the age group you're going for. Me being a teen girl I'd look for not as much fantasy or magic. I would look for romance and drama though. Adventure is really important for me too, because a story about someone who stays in the same place the whole book is boring for me! xD

Hope I helped! :)
Answered Aug 17, 2013
I know right! I'm gonna be that author who moves the character to different places or at least have something interesting going on and thanks so much!
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Answered Nov 20, 2015

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