What do I Need to Know about Computer networking?

I'm at a point where I feel lost about what I want to major in at college and what career path I should take. So I have decided to experiment with all kinds of different possibilities. My brother is a Senior Network Engineer at his place of work and has offered to teach me about computers and what he does. I am going in with basically ZERO experience. He has talked about having me set up a fake server and network or something. The problem is that I'm have trouble remembering what he is saying because so much or it is acronyms. I am a fast learner but everything he will teach me to do will be verbal.

So I was wondering if anyone out there could direct me to a free site or any useful books I should read about computers and/or building networks? Like I said I have very little experience with computers on this level so it would be best if they were things that cover the basics or could be used as references as I work.
Asked Aug 16, 2013
Computer networking is broad concept nowadays, most of the students think to make a career in networking because there are lots of opportunities in networking field. If you want to learn networking firstly learn all the basic concept of computer networking about LAN, MAN, WAN, OSI Model devices used in networking such as routers, switches, hubs etc. You can download any of the E-book for all these basic concepts or there are so many video lectures available online. Because of increasing the demand, networking jobs opportunity also increased, Monster India offers so many opportunities for fresher and experienced.

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Answered Aug 23, 2017
Following is the list of hardware's required to set up a computer network
Network Cables
Internal Network Cards
External Network Cards
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Answered Mar 19, 2018
Yes, you need to know about computer networking as in nowadays it’s the general things & also very important to know. According to my personal experience, you will get more information regarding this networking system or service from Wanos.co.
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Answered Aug 02, 2018
Edited Aug 02, 2018

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