Good weight loss programs?

I am 17 years old and am really wanting to loose about 20kg, I have tried diets before, but find them hard to stick to, any suggestions of good diets/ weight loss plans
Asked Aug 15, 2013
Wow.. well, losing that much kg would take some time and it needs efforts. You need to be balance in eating and working out. You couldn't just do diets and no workouts. First, you should try not to cheat, stick to your plan. Eat healthy foods and it's okay to eat 3-5 times meal a day, with a small portion, because we actually need to eat every 3-5 hours. You should try black rice as a substitute for usual rice, or any whole grains. It is a complex carbohydrate, which is nutritious and it takes time to get digested (so that you wouldn't get hungry too fast). Now for the workouts, try to do some routine jogging or any other kinds of cardio workouts. Building muscles in certain parts would burn calories even faster. Hope this could help, good luck!
Answered Aug 16, 2013
See, when trying any diet program or supplement one has to closely watch its function and its ingredients and how it works?

some programs and supplements may contain synthetic ingredients which may disturb our natural body activities.

First thing to consider is, whenever you take or decide to take any diet supplements, please be sure to see its ingredients, if the ingredients are natural then you can try it because there is very little chances that it will cause you any adverse effects.

Don’t use the diet pills which are made up of harsh chemicals, they will harm you more; And getting out of it are is tough.

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Answered Nov 28, 2013
Here I would like to suggest a food lovers diet plan for you. It is food lovers fat loss system from , ( Along with the diet regular exercising is must. It's a metabolism make over weight loss program and no need to avoid your favorite foods too.
Answered Jul 31, 2014
Hey check out . Plexupreffered is one of the natural way to lose weight. Hope it will help you.
Answered Oct 20, 2014
Too much weight creates so many difficulties, it makes your bones weak, create viral pain in joins. Prevent yourself from these problems by taking steroids program. Steroids are a good strategy to burn extra fat. It is also available online you can order this from our site We supply quality steroids to our valuable customers in short time.
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Answered Dec 25, 2014
visit to loose your weight soon
Answered Mar 24, 2015
Use Wondercore for shaping your body and make you physically fit. For more details
Answered Apr 03, 2015

Orbitrek Elite is an elliptical style workout machine available on Telebuy/ for sale online. Users can burn up to 820 calories in just an hour spent on the machine.
Answered Apr 16, 2015
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Answered Apr 17, 2015
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Answered Apr 21, 2015
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Answered May 07, 2015
Regular exercise and Having green tea is the most beneficial for your weight loss program.
Answered May 15, 2015
There are so many ways to weight loss in naturally. If you face any problem or does not decreasing weight then you can visit the site and consult with Dr. Matos at
Answered Feb 17, 2016
go to the dr. oz. com he has good weight loss plans.
Answered Feb 17, 2016
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Answered Mar 02, 2016
Losing weight has become an issue of national importance.Today, there is rush to get back into shape. Gyms seem to pop up in every neighborhood. For those who do not want to leave the house, . So they can do this from you home also.
Answered Mar 25, 2016
In my opinion, if you want to lose weight, you should do exercise regular and pay more attention to your diet everyday. some good suggestions to lose weight:
Answered Mar 25, 2016
Its really hard to stick to a diet plan, I had tried it number of times and failed. I was so frustrated and no motivation for losing weight. Then I came across this,
it helped me a lot in getting motivation and to maintain my diet plan.
I am really happy with my lost weight now.
Answered Apr 04, 2016
You have taken a very good decision in right time. You should be conscious about diet, food everything. Eat low carbohydrate, Low-calorie food. Avoid foods containing saturated fat. Drink lots of water. Physical exercises like Running, walking, weight lifting is very much required for everyone. Besides these supplements are also very important component for human health. Protein is considered to be the most crucial component in a human body which is efficiently responsible for both weight losses as well as weight gain. Personally I use egg white from www.eggwhites247 (dot) com and after use I got best and effective results.
Answered Apr 19, 2016
If you want to lose weight faster, you'll need to eat less and exercise more. Best and Worst Drinks for Weight Loss. Theslimco Provide the best weight loss program that work to lose weight it also provide the weight loss sessions.
Answered Jul 21, 2016

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