I experience constant burning in my penis, and the feeling that I always "have to go". Please help?

I'm 16 years old. This started approximately 5 months ago. Every morning I wake up perfectly normal, no burning whatsoever. But as soon as I urinate upon waking up, the feeling comes and stays with me for the rest of the day. It is as if I still have urine stuck in my penis. Also, when I urinate now it is not nearly as strong as it used to be, like not as powerful or with as much pressure. It also feels like I can't push out the last few drops of urine. It is an unusual burning/constant "needing to go" feeling. It does go away overnight though, leading to me being completely symptom free in the morning until I urinate again. I did masturbate daily/every other day for nearly two years until this started. For two weeks I stopped in hope that it would clear up, but to no avail. Now it is back to every other day. Please help me, it is a constant discomfort and is very distracting during school/work. I have been to an around the clock medical center, (Community Care/Redicare kind of thing), and they took a urine sample and it came up clean of any STD's. They then sent my to a urologist who said that it was nothing and that I didn't even need a follow up appointment, it would clear up on its own.
Asked Aug 14, 2013
Edited Aug 14, 2013
Did you ever find out what it was?
Answered Aug 13, 2017

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