Is my teacher getting jealous over me?

Teacher 1 is my favourite teacher and I am her fave pupil.Teacher no 2 left just recently. I was upset about it because I find it very difficult to adapt to new teachers and she was also one of my favorite teachers. my other teacher I think noticed this and seemed to become a little grumpy with me around this time. I sensed she was a little jealous
I wrote number 1 a letter saying thank you for all the support she had given me and that although I am sad that lots of people are leaving this year ( other people than teacher number 2 are leaving) that the best person is staying
.Coincidentally, the university I want to go to is the same as the one teacher number 2 went to.When I told eacher number 1 which one I wanted to go to she smiled as if surprised.then I later find out that teacher number 2 went to that university.later, when discussing university options etc teacher number 1 suggests her university to me. Not just once, but a few times. plus, she said that she had phoned her university to let her know I was interested and also that she had 'tried' to phone teacher number 2's university but that she couldnt get through. Also, when my mum spoke to teacher number 1 on the phone about my university choices, teacher number 1 says that number 2 had gone to the university I was considering. teacher number 1 also mentioned which university she went to.

.everytime I showed my desire to go to teacher number 2's university she got frustrated.she told me not to make the final decision without talking to her first. however, I wanted to because I wanted that university to know that it was my first choice and I didnt have a back-up because I was adamant that was the one I wanted to go to. she got mad.

why does she want me to go to her university so much?
if I was going to choose a university based on who went there I would choose hers but its not like she is even going to be teaching there so what difference does it make? me choosing this university is completely unrelated to which teacher went there. teacher number 2 has left now anyway I never see her and she certainly wont be at the university I want to go to so why does teacher number 1 care?
Asked Aug 11, 2013
You're reading too much into this. Look at the big picture.
Answered Aug 12, 2013

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