Why quilts which we use in winter are covered with two covers

Why quilts which we use in winter are covered with two covers.
Asked Aug 10, 2013
A quilt is two pieces of cloth with an insulating material between them and parallel seams sewn in in both horizontal and vertical rows rows to keep the internal material from shifting and lumping up. If a quilt only had one cover, the insulating material in the center would fall out and you wouldn't have a quilt, you'd have a sheet. What's this got to do with Einstein's theories anyway? :-)

Answered Aug 10, 2013
Quilts are made with cotton because cotton contains spaces . As per as law air fills these spaces . Air being a bad conductor of heat captures the heat radiated by our body . Thus we feel warm when we wrap ourselves in it and sleep in winter . As being able to warm us it is used in quilts and we are using them in winter.

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Answered Feb 05, 2019

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