I really need an answer for this PLEASE HELP ME .!

A few weeks ago I got a 4mm stretcher first I put the 1mm through but it just slid straight through so I went up to the 4mm because I didnt know you couldnt skip sizes the 4mm was fine and it healed pretty well, but because I knew nothing about stretching and it was my first time ,after a week I thought it had healed so I bought a 8mm and put that through bad idea I have taken it out and it has healed almost back to a 4mm so I put my first one back in but the problem is that it's acrylic and I am sure I am allergic to it because my face swelled up and down the side of my neck was very sore and I had nose bleeds not sure if the nose bleeds were coused by the stretcher I'm not sure ,I have wraped a water balloon around my stretcher with bondage or electrical tape around it so that my skin won't touch the acrylic if that will work,, it doesn't hurt but it hasn't healed completely ,will it be ok .. I don't live close to the shops to go out and get another one straight away ... Any answers would be helpful on what you know or past experiences thanks in advance ..! :)
Asked Aug 08, 2013
Yeah you made a bad choice skipping sizes.

I havent went back a 3mm because personally I like this size and I didnt want to go to big.

you should start at a 1.2mm apparently accoriding to the man in the piercing shop were I bought mine. But I started on a 1.6mm and was totally fine. and then left that in 2/3 weeks and moved up to a 2mm then again left it for a few weeks and moved too a 2.5mm then again left it and moved to a 3mm.

apparently what you are suppost to do is put some sort of lubricant on it so it doesnt cause trauma to the ear hole.

My guess is that you should but a rather small exapander in untill the trauma completely VANISHES!! and seek medical help.
Answered Sep 22, 2013

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