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Comment on the following statement. Today some scientists claim that cloning experiments should not be subject to government scrutiny.
What is your opinion? Should governments oversee human cloning research?
Make an introduction (state the problem)
— express your personal opinion and give reasons for it
— give arguments for the other point of view and explain why you don't agree with it
— draw a conclusion
Nowadays cloning causes a lot of discussions among people. People have mixed attitude to such scientific item. However, most of people are strongly against cloning. They ask the world community to take rigorous control under cloning. Cloning is the process which could be unpredictable for mankind. Numerous leading scientists claim that there is a high likelihood that it can affect people's lives negatively.
As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that cloning must be forbidden. First of all it is immoral. Only imagine if somebody will clone you as a joke. Secondly, nobody can predict the process what consequences are waiting for people if the cloning is common and widespread.
Several years ago, the film "Clone" where Arnold Shvarsneger was starring showed what possible disasters are able to enter the ordinary people. In this film, it is shown how the life can be ruined because of cloning.
Cloning can pose a threat to humankind and that's why it should be strictly controlled by watchdogs.
On the other hand, there are people who support cloning. They claim that with the help of cloning people will be able to live forever. They will be able to clone themselves and continue living after their physical death.
They think that if scientists are to be rigorously controlled it could hinder scientific progress.
To sum up, I strongly believe cloning must be allowed only for cloning some organs which are important for people who suffer some fatal and serious diseases. Human cloning should be forbidden. The governments of world community must scrutinize this process vigorously and carefully in order to prevent any negative effects by cloning.

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