Is it normal that I'm 12 and I like 21 year cousin

It all started In 2011 at a Christmas party, it was pretty boring but then she walked and as soon as I saw her (it's been a long Time since I've seen her) I knew, I knew she was the one for wasn't just looks she is the most nicest person I have ever met and she seems so happy and honest all the time, she just makes me feel happy whenever I'm around her and the more I talk to her the more I think I love her. Now fast forward to 2013 19th of January it was her 21st birthday party and the theme was circus and she was the ring master, when I went there all her friends were dressed slutty and the guys would drool over them but I didn't care, all I care about Is her.I was just sitting there by myself from 6pm to 1am just pondering, thinking about how it's wrong because she's my cousin but I love her anyway what do I do please help.
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Asked Aug 07, 2013
Well, I mean for one thing, your 12 and shes 21. I think that it could just be a stage that your going through, I mean I've gone through stages, like one time I thought that I liked my step brother, but I got over it pretty quick. Maybe just try not to think of her and hang with your friends? Once you find a rather appropriate crush your feelings for her will fade.
Answered Aug 07, 2013

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